Shipping information


Delivery information:WE DELIVER WORLDWIDE

Delivery of items purchased at will be carried out via an international courier company and delivered to the mailing address.

The delivery can take up approximately 15 to 30 working days. The delivery company will attempt to contact you at the telephone number that you provided in your order.

Contact Customer Service for shipping details.


Payment methods

Payments are made via direct deposit to the account, providing the appropriate reference number that is generated in order.

Payment can be made at any post office or a bank, or through the Internet.

You can pay your order via Internet with credit cards or Paypal that support payments over the Internet.


Users guide

When ordering custom cases user uploads image from personal computer or internet, whose quality is not guaranteed by caselland..
Proper resolution is central for high quality printing, otherwise the printed image will look blurry.
My Case provides quality guarantee for images in galleries.

You can contact us via the contact form on the website and we will reply to you as soon as possible.
If you have any questions about products or policies, please contact us by phone, email or through Facebook.
By uploading pictures you are implying that you have the copyright of those pictures or the permission from the copyright holders of those pictures.
Everything you create is owned by you so that no one else can view that.